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28th June 2022 



The remedy is included in the price (excludes tinctures and creams
which are specially ordered). 60

Follow-up session of around an hour (price excludes tinctures and creams) 40

Children under 16 half-price.


One hour which includes triggers of stress and how to deal with them 60

If you pre-book four weekly sessions 40 per session

Reiki First Degree 149 for a two-day course.

Reiki Second Degree 299 for a two-day course


Reiki Vouchers make wonderful thoughtful presents for Christmas/birthdays/celebrations and some much-needed TLC. The cost is 50 for one and 40 each for two or more.

Neuro-linguistic programming

Phobias; addictions; weight-loss; develop confidence; timeline therapy; visualise the life you want - 1.5-2 hours 60 for 1st session
Follow-up session of up to one hour 50

Clinic times are as follows:

Monday 9am-5pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Wednesday 9am-5pm; 7pm-9pm

Thursday 1pm-5pm

Friday 11am-5pm

Saturday mornings open by discretion

Further contacts:

Zen Shiatsu & Healing Tao, 68 Great Eastern Street London EC2. Tel: 020 7739 9916 or contact

Sunrise Homeopathy Clinic, London N16 6PA. Tel: Food for All to book 020 8806 4138.